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There are many wonderful benefits to having a wooden deck. Wooden decks will extend outdoor living areas that give extra space for relaxing and entertaining outdoors, they can add decorative appeal in terms of presentation and they are also a functional and convenient external flooring system. Another great advantage to wood decks is they can actually increase the value of the property due to the extra living space outdoors for resale purposes. Wooden decks are featured in many types of applications and settings; including residential, community, commercial, restaurants, hotels, resorts, jetties and much more. The more common types of external flooring systems where this natural material is utilized is for; patios, gazebos, barbeque areas, pool decks, extensions, recreational park bridges and verandas just to name a few. If you have decided that you would like a new wood deck, replace the existing deck or remodel the existing deck, we can assist you by supplying materials, designing the deck for you and installing the deck. It’s that simple, just contact our friendly and helpful sales consultants here at Integrity Landscape Inc for all of your wood deck requirements and we can assist all of your enquiries.

Wooden Arbors Are a Popular Option

Wooden arbors are a popular option that is used on the outer perimeter of the deck structure; they create that additional visual effect of a semi enclosed area. Wooden arbors can be featured as a free standing structure within the landscape presentation to create a symmetric look or they can be featured as a focal point that draws visual attention. In some settings, many use crawling plants and vines that will grow and crawl around the arbor structure.  If you have decided on timber as the material of choice for a wood deck setting or an arbor contact us here at Integrity Landscape Inc and our exceptional sales consultants can provide you with all of the necessary information. You contact us by phone, come in and talk to us in person or you can even drop us an email and we will reply promptly to all of your queries.

Different Types of Timber for Wood Decks

There are different types of timber that can be used for wooden decks and this is where it can get very tricky. For many, they think that all timber is the same and in fact there is a huge difference in quality, durability and resistances.  This is where our team of professionals can explain to you the features and benefits of which timber would be more suitable in terms of quality, long term performance, which has been treated, which has not been treated, which has better durability values and how to maintain the wood deck in the short and long term.  So choosing the right type of timber material for your wood deck is vital and with such important emphasis of which timber our experts recommend for your project. At Integrity Landscape Inc you know you’ve been given the best advice and respectively we can help you make the right choice.

We Can Design the Wood Deck and Arbor Setting For You

There are many advantages to using our design team for the design and style of the wood deck and arbor setting. Our expert designers can put forward the design plan that they believe would best suit your external presentation and the surroundings. They capitalize on space; they work with the client and input your ideas therefore achieve the ultimate wood deck design and style. The other benefit to Integrity Landscape Inc design team is they have great knowledge in terms of the economical and environmental aspects in which they will explain to the client.

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