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Irrigation sprinklers are a popular option for watering different types of applications and settings including residential, community, commercial landscapes as well as farms, golf courses, sporting fields and recreational parks. The excellent values to water sprinklers is they distribute water evenly for irrigating areas such as; lawns, gardens and vegetations. With the even water distribution the areas are effectively receiving the same amount of water, same amount of water flow which eliminates either flooding areas from too much water or areas not receiving enough water. The best types of sprinkler systems have an automated timer function which is set to a certain time of the day and night to automatically activate water flow. The feature of a timer automated sprinkler system can be re set and changed according to personal or seasonal changes.

Underground and Above Ground Sprinkler Systems

There are two main types of irrigation sprinklers that are designed for specific types of application and requirements; they are an underground systems and an above ground sprinkler system. The type of irrigation sprinkler system that would be suitable for certain use will usually depend on the size of the area that requires irrigating. Whether you require an irrigation system for residential, community, sporting fields, golf course or farms, we at Integrity Landscape Inc can assist all of your irrigation sprinkler requirements and help you select the most appropriate type of system to suit the individual application.

Residential Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler irrigation system has become a favorable option for many residential landscapes. The great benefits and advantages of sprinkler systems is you know the lawns and the gardens are receiving regular watering to continue a healthy/ green looking lawn appearance and encourage plants, trees flowers to continue a healthy growth. The second great benefit is the time factor as you no longer have to physically water the gardens with a hand held hose therefore gives you more time to do other things you enjoy. The third great benefit is the convenience aspects as you can select the time of the day or night for the automatic timer system to turn on the sprinkler system. Home sprinklers are available in various types of irrigating systems; which include; impact sprinklers, underground systems, above ground systems, drip sprinklers and oscillating systems. Before choosing the system you think would be the suitable type, this is where our expert sales consultants here at Integrity Landscape Inc will go that extra step and recommend the best possible sprinkler system we have to offer and respectively explain all of the benefits and functions by comparing one system to another. Don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or drop us an email.

Utilize A Water Tank with an Irrigation Sprinkler System Is A Wonderful Option

Water tanks are the ideal way of collecting natural water from rainfall which can be used for irrigation purposes. They have the convenience factor of having sufficient water supply. Many farmers and home owners choose the combination of a rain water tank linked to a sprinkler system for irrigation purpose. This is a wonderful and a positive way to using less water by helping the environment and some utilize the two as an advantage of reducing annual water bills.

We Can Install the Irrigation Sprinkler System

The installation process of sprinkler irrigation system will vary depending on the type of system you have chosen. This can be a physical process as digging maybe required, underground systems will require plumbing connection or connecting pipes to a water tank don’t take the risk of installing the system yourself unless you are qualified to do so. Integrity Landscape Inc has experienced and skilled tradesmen to install the sprinkler system. Why not take advantage of this exceptional service we offer our clients and let us do the hard work for you.

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