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Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping is a vital part to any exterior setting to create intensity, decorative appeal, character and elegance to tie in beautifully to impact the overall presentation. The landscape presentation says a lot about you, as this represents you the home owner and reflects on your personality and your creative side. Remember how the saying goes, first impressions really count. Residential landscaping has become a popular trend as a large majority of home owners are either remodeling their landscape setting, adding new features, extending the design concept to the existing landscape and some are even having the entire landscape re-scaped. For those who are remodeling, re-designing or adding new features to the landscape, we at Integrity Landscape Inc provide our clients all of the essential landscaping facets, from selling all types of landscaping products, providing professional sales and design consultants, to landscape contractors and even landscape maintenance personnel.

Four Main Elements to Landscaping

There are four main elements to landscaping; softscapes, hardscapes, waterscapes and lighting. Softscapes are referred to as the greenery aspects such as; flowers, plants, trees, shrubs. The soft-scaping part to any landscape is an important element as the greenery adds color and vibrancy. Hardscapes refer to the structural aspects where materials are featured within the landscape and surroundings such as; pavers, rocks, concrete, timber which are used for various applications including; pavements, retaining walls, patios and fences. The waterscape is referred to for applications such as; water ponds, waterfalls, fountains and spas where water is utilized in some form or another. Lighting plays an important role within the landscape and surroundings. As the landscape lighting provides decorative appeal with an illuminating affect, as it also provides safety during night as well as providing security. No matter what element you want to add to your existing or new landscape setting, talk to us experts here at Integrity Landscape Inc and we can discus every aspect and help you determine the best possible outcome.

Residential Landscape Presentation Is A Crucial Point for Selling

For home owners who are thinking of putting their homes on the market, yes the internal presentation is an important aspect, but the exterior presentation also plays an important selling point. Every real estate consultant will tell you that the landscape presentation is another crucial selling point, as it’s the first part of the home prospective buyers see and somehow sets the buyers mood. Therefore by presenting a neat and clean landscape presentation that is enriched with color, beauty and curb appeal is more inviting and has a huge visual impact to the buyers. Besides the decorative presentation it’s also crucial to create the landscape setting to be a safe, a secure, a functional, a convenient landscape setting by providing these crucial elements, can actually increase the property value by up to 15%. For home owners who are getting their homes ready for sale and the landscape requires needs attention, speak to us here at Integrity Landscape Inc and we help you prepare your property for sale and create a beautiful landscape presentation.

Expert Design Team/ Expert Sales Consultants

The popularity to residential landscaping is due to many inspirational landscape shows on T.V and cable that provide innovative ideas that are achievable as well as affordable. This is where Integrity Landscape Inc comes into the picture, bring us your ideas/perceptions and our expert teams from the design team to the sales consultants can work together with you to ultimately designing, providing landscape products, to building you the best possible landscape. Another exceptional service we offer our clients is our design consultant can come out to your home, so stop dreaming and make it a reality, by making that first step and contact us by phone or send us an email.

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