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There are several elements to create a decorative, a convenient, a functional, a secure and a safe landscape presentation. An integral part to the overall external presentation for all types of applications and settings, besides the gardens that creates color and beauty, besides the structural decorative aspects, is all about paying attention in final detail. Landscape lights are regarded as one of final decorative touches in any landscape design. There are various benefits to utilizing landscape lighting which include; they add character, style and elegance, they provide safety as they also provide security. The other benefit to landscape lights is they can be incorporated in any landscape design/ decor as there are so many styles to choose from. For those who have opted to add lighting within the landscape design, we at Integrity Landscape Inc have some exceptional lighting products and along with our expert advice we can help you choose the perfect lighting to suit your personal taste and presentation requirements. Why not contact us for professional and honest advice as we can discuss all of your lighting options.

Garden Landscape Lights

Garden landscape lights are a wise option to feature in any garden setting and they are widely used in all types of residential, community, commercial and industrial applications. Integrity Landscape Inc offer many wonderful landscape lighting products along with a wide variety of lighting styles ranging from; contemporary, modern and traditional designs. By featuring landscape lights for residential purposes within the garden or the surrounding areas such as steps, stairs, walkways, pathways or driveways you are providing the property with a safe environment for foot or vehicular traffic during the night. For pool areas, landscape lights look absolutely fantastic during the night. For night swimming during warmer months of the year, you have the conveniences of enjoying swimming in your pool at night and not just during the day.

Utilize Landscape Light for Security Purposes

By utilizing landscape lights in the front, the side and the back of any application or setting, you are actually providing security to your property during the night. It is a known fact, where areas are lit up; the lighting will deter thieves from entering the property. Automated landscape lighting is a wise option, as you can set the timer to activate the lights to a chosen time of the night. For further reference on automated landscape lights or any information on all for all your lighting needs, give us a call or send us an email and we can give you the best possible advice.

Types of Landscape Lights

There are two types of landscape lights that are powered; one is powered by electricity and the other is solar powered. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these types of powered landscape lighting types. The solar powered landscape lighting feature a solar cell which enables to collect and store energy from the sun, they have rechargeable batteries. In darkness, the solar lights automatically turn on. This type of lighting is not suitable to all landscape settings, as the area must receive at least 6 hours of full sun to store the suns energy. For electrical powered landscape lighting, the electrical wires are run underground and are connected to the normal electrical system of your home. This type of electrically powered lighting can be featured in any area of your landscape. For all of your landscape lighting requirements, why not seek professional advice from our exceptional sales consultants here at Integrity Landscape Inc and we can suggest some exceptional lighting ideas to suit your personal taste.

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