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Landscape maintenance is crucial for all landscape applications no matter if it’s for residential, commercial, community, hotels, resorts, golf courses, sporting fields or public recreational parks. Without regular maintenance, the overall presentation will look untidy, uncared for, no pride present and will result in an uninviting appearance. Overgrown lawns, dead plants/ trees/ flowers, weeds taking over the garden, no pruning and hedging, removal of dead greenery are all crucial elements and if they are not maintained properly and on a regular basis they will create an unattractive landscape. We at Integrity Landscape Inc can do all of the hard work to firstly maintain the landscape presentation and secondly we can organize and provide our maintenance services to all our clients on a regular and ongoing annual service. There are many commercial, community and residential applications that use the services of landscape maintenance companies to look after and maintain a beautiful appearance all year through. For our outstanding maintenance service that we offer here at Integrity Landscape Inc, why not give us call or send an email and our professional maintenance team can provide you with all of the information. We can come out to the site and assess and recommend a landscape maintenance plan.

Benefits of Landscape Maintenance Companies

Our maintenance service at Integrity Landscape Inc provides our clients with an exceptional program that ultimately provides the most beautiful landscape presentation for your property. If you have decided to hire a landscape maintenance company, talk to us first, we not only look after the greenery aspects but will also do repairs and maintenance work on damaged landscape structures such as paving, fencing, waterscapes and retaining walls. There are so many advantages and benefits to hiring our professional maintenance team here at Integrity Landscape Inc. The first benefit is you know the landscape will be maintained properly so that it looks beautiful and appealing all year round, the second benefit is; our team have all of the appropriate maintenance equipment and tools and the third benefit; is they have the knowledge in terms of the safety aspects and are supplied with the necessary safety clothing and safety accessories where there is cutting and climbing involved.

Different Landscapes Require Different Maintenance

Every landscape application is different to another and therefore will require different maintenance services to another. Our landscape maintenance team advises you of what is required. The following are some of the more basic elements that all landscape maintenance companies should offer; they are as follows:

  • Mowing Lawns
  • Edging, trimming
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Cutting dead branches
  • Irrigating
  • Replacing Soil
  • Apply new soil
  • Apply new turf
  • Removing old turf
  • Removing dead greenery
  • Replacing greenery
  • Applying new decorative garden rocks
  • Replacing existing decorative garden rocks

Replace or Repair the Landscape Structural Aspects

The structural elements that are in need of maintenance, repairs or replacing are just as important as the greenery side to the landscape presentation and should be maintained properly and effectively. The following are some other maintenance tasks that our company offers in terms of your hardscape features:

  • Replace damaged pavers
  • Repair all types of fencing systems
  • Repair garden wall
  • Repair retaining walls
  • Painting exterior frames
  • Repairing damaged patio frames
  • Replacing garden walls/ beds
  • Reconfiguration the garden design
  • Design and draw plans for new landscape setting
  • Re design or extend the landscape design
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